# 00: Orientation

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# Introduction

Hello, Thank you for finding this tutorial in the open sea of the great internet! Because of you found this, you might know well about VuePress, why VuePress is awesome, why not Wordpress, GoogleSite, Wix 、Hexo and GitBook (opens new window), it might be superfluous if I answer these questions. I know you are reading this due to your concrete belief that VuePress must be profitable for your purpose.

Today's web development environment is generally very complex and making it is so hard. Maybe it is harder than writing code. Vue and the VuePress CLI have greatly reduced that hard work. But one more! In this tutorial, we will not even use such tools, we will create a nice site with just a web browser.

# Why GitHub and Netlify are enough

In this tutorial, I'll offer a prepared VuePress project (opens new window) for the scaffold. You will fork(I'll explain it later) it on your GitHub account, then customize it with the editor on the GitHub site.
Finally, you should link it to Netlify (opens new window)(I'll explain it later too), so for each editing it on the GitHub editor, it will be built automatically and published. What kindness!

# Flow of this tutorial

First, set up your GitHub and Netlify environment so that you can freely create your VuePress site. Then, become familiar with markdown and essential elements of VuePress like a link, title, navigation, and languages. Further, I will introduce how to make flow chart by the mermaid, how to use image and so on advanced topics.

# to be continued

next time is 01:Making Development Environment.

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